Science and technology studies

One of the defining features of our lab is the integration of social science, ethics and philosophy capabilities as an inseparable part of our activities. These capabilities render both biomolecular and social scientific projects imbued with a uniquely hybrid actor/analyst perspective. 

More specifically, this research unit adopts a Science and Technology Studies (STS)-inflected approach, aimed at exploring the mutually constitutive relationships between techno-scientific and socio-political orders. Critical emphasis is placed on STS-sensitive issues, and the wider policy implications of biomedical research. STS Unit members are involved in three main projects in which they leverage their expertise to give societally-relevant added value to cutting-edge ongoing scientific activities:
• EDC-MixRisk (Horizon2020): 
• EPIGEN (CNR Flagship Project):
• The Societal Impact of Precision Medicine about Public Health, Social Equity, and the Democratization of Science (PhD Research Project):

In addition, we carry out various activities of publication, teaching and public engagement, which gradually shape the distinctive contours of a Milanese STS thinking:
• Yearlong running STS seminars
• Peer reviewed publications in international journals & volumes
• International conferences and workshop (e.g. 4S Annual Meeting, 4th ELSI Congress Genomics and Society, International CRISPR symposium and more)
• International networks & collaborations (SDN, COST Actions, B.STS, STS Italia, EASST, 4S and more)
• “Precision Medicine in a changing Population” workshop, Milano (18 September 2018, funded by the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology 2018 Fund, and sponsored by STS Italia)
• Bioethics and STS courses, Università degli Studi di Milano

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